Saturday, December 1, 2018

Last Day of the Church Year and First Advent Eve Tonight, December 1st, 2018

Faith that Sees Through the Culture has been out for 5 months now and I rejoice to see how it has been received. Please keep me in prayer as I begin my proposal for an exciting sequel. For now, I would like to offer highlights of the first book. We will begin at the very beginning of the book from the Preface, pg. 14:

"There are so many 'two sides of the same coin' in the Word of truth. For example, we correctly confess that God works upon us so that (1) God kills us, and (2) God makes us alive. He uses His Word [to do both]....He reveals that the Word itself is a "both-and" Word, a two-sided Word, a two-themed Word. It is duality."

By seeing this in the Word of God, the Christian is better-able to navigate living in the culture. Such awareness also elliminates the popular contention that Scripture contradicts itself. When people say this, they are often unaware of the dualities. They do not consider the reality and significance of paradoxes. To know these, however, the reader-hearer of the Word is put into a better position to grasp the life-giving Word of Christ!

In Jesus' Name,

Dr. Espinosa

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