Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Chapter 3: Reality Check -- Christian

Dear Faith and Culture Readers,

There is an energy and force that accompanies anyone with purpose and clear identity, especially when their presence brings good and light into darkness. With a sense of mission, we move beyond mere existence. We live with a telos in view, but not merely an "end," but a goal; a purposeful end (and in Christ, one which follows us into eternity, Rev 13:14: "...their deeds follow them!"). Thus, when we speak of the teleological argument for the existence of God -- for example -- it is the argument for God from design. Dawkins sought to discredit the argument through his atheistic book Climbing Mount Improbable. Dawkins then put forth his more familiar work The God Delusion rendered delusional by the apologetic response of Allister McGrath in his book The Dawkins Delusion. 

You, Christian are designed. You have purpose; you have meaning; and with this comes a unique identity and status. By knowing your status, you are in a position to launch for impacting the world with the light of Christ. 

The first two chapters of my book Faith that Sees Through the Culture outlines three forces against the Christian: the world, the devil, and our own sinful flesh. These are -- so to speak -- an unholy "trinity" against us. But the LORD does not leave us to face these alone. Chapters 3, 4 & 5 present the counter-measure. Our identity and status is put before us. As one who confesses Jesus Christ, you are Christian (chapter 3), Disciple (chapter 4), and Priest (chapter 5).

Know your true status and launch into a great purpose for living!

From Faith that Sees Through the Culture page 48: 

People with a living faith in Jesus Christ were first called "Christians" in Antioch (see Acts 11:26). This is an exciting identification. It is powerful and profound. It means that we are Christ's. A Christian is someone who belongs to Jesus Christ.

If you know this and you hold to this reality, then everything in life changes. 

Page 48-49:

When faith in Christ is known, this belonging to Jesus isn't in any way a violation of freedom. Much to the contrary, it represents the greatest freedom. To belong to Jesus Christ means that one is set free from the terrible burdens of the world, the devil, and sin. To be a Christian is to be enabled to truly live, to know a proper relationship with God and with other people. Such a life is a great reversal of the calamity described in Genesis 3: shame is replaced by forgiveness; running from God is replaced by seeking Him out; and hostility toward others is replaced by love for others.

Rejoice Christian. You are a Christian!

In Your Service and To Christ's Glory,

Dr. Espinosa

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