Saturday, February 10, 2018

This Was The Work That Got Me Into Culture Analyzation

From this background in the considerations of fundamental theology, I ventured by God's grace to complete my Ph.D. dissertation. You can see the title here on the cover. Notice that the spelling is based on the English in England. Indeed, I was reminded by more than one Brit that what is spoken here in the states is "American." Note for example the spelling of the word "programme." I was a student at the University of Birmingham, England for 7 years from 2002-2009.

This work, however, completed in 2009 was that which took me to my next step in the consideration of culture. For years I had been fascinated by our popular culture's infatuation with Hal Lindsey's (The Late Great Planet Earth) and Tim LaHaye's (Left Behind) and like-authors and teachers in the U.S. Their specific teaching is pretribulational premillennial dispensationalism. The basic question was why this form of modern apocalypticism was/is so popular in America? This question, however, led to more important questions impacting our culture: 1) what is the affect of this teaching upon American politics? and 2) what is the affect of this teaching on how Christians should live out their faith in culture?

At this point I was hooked and as I continue to blog I will share some of the insights I've gained over time.

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